mercoledì 2 dicembre 2015

Street art in Rome: the shutters

Authored by Stefano Benedetti

A tribute to Rome, an open-air museum that consists in its monuments and also by thousands of works of art that traditional tourist circuits do not offer the chance to see. In this book are reproduced hundreds of works of art painted on the shutters of the shops. An unique art book, original that opens the eyes of an artistic innovative and high-level.

 About the author:
Stefano was born in Rome. In this ancient and magical city it grew and here has its roots that did not prevent him to wander a little to the world, and today his wisdom is summed up in the phrase: I turned and I know the people. Here among ancient ruins and modern monoliths have completed their studies address industrial and began to take the first steps in professional photography. He worked in historical agencies photo-journalists covering different roles: printer, photographer, archivist. In more recent times it is dedicated to the teaching of photography and information technology professional and held seminars. In all this time, however, he has not stopped writing because his passion has never turned off. Today he incorporates all the experiences of different disciplines: photography, literature, computer, fractal art, digital painting. This river is flowing in a series of publications every time gender and different theme.